Advice from experts

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I find tremendous value in gathering information and advice from experts, especially when you are interested in learning more about why people choose to eat a ketogenic diet. So much so that I have dedicated a page to my favorite keto experts and doctors.

Are you new to keto and have no idea where to start? Or, have you been eating keto/low carb for some time but you are interested to learn more about this way of eating?

If you said yes to either question then this post is for you. I have compiled a shortlist of my top keto lectures from my favorite keto experts. They have no much knowledge to share, and these specific videos are very easy to follow and understand.

Some great advice from keto/low carb experts

Dr. Jason Fung

Dr. Jason Fung is incredibly easy to listen to. He also has a way of explaining how our bodies function in such an effortlessly simple and easy to understand format. This is probably my favorite lecture that I have watched from Dr. Fung. I gained all of my interest in eating a ketogenic diet from listening to Dr. Fung.

Mark Sisson and Keto

Mark Sisson is not only fascinating, I personally got a lot out of hearing his perspective on keto.

High-Intensity Health

I love every single High-Intensity health video I have ever watched. They’re a great resource if you want to learn more. I have shared their entire YouTube channel because all the lectures are just that good!

One last resource for you…

If you watch these videos above and still want more — then I also recommend that you watch the Magic Pill on Netflix. My husband and I both were shocked by the power that the Magic Pill had in our lives. We had been eating low carb for about 4 months when we watched the documentary, and I do believe that it was the night that we knew that we would eat this way forever. I will never forget my husband looking over to me and thanking me for finding this lifestyle for our family. It is no secret that keto changed our family’s life forever, and these experts played an essential role in educating us on this lifestyle.

I sincerely hope these resources help you in your journey!