Loving myself for Lennyn

Loving myself for Lennyn

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Loving myself for my daughter – A mom’s weight loss story:

I have these two progress photos to share just how much this body of mine has transformed, I promise we will have plenty of opportunities to talk about how far I have come. However, right now, It is heavy on my heart to talk about how this little lady of mine fits into my transformation.

This is my story, and my why. Loving myself for my daughter has been one of the most profound aspects of my weight loss transformation.

the before and after weight loss photo that inspired loving myself for lennyn

Loving myself for Lennyn is my story of learning to love myself.

A year ago I would have NEVER… EVER stood in front of this mirror and tried to snap this photo. Today as Lennyn ran into the shot and looked up at me, I realized I had to share this with you all. As her mom, my behavior plays a pivotal role in her body image. She will never know a mom that hates her reflection!

Hating my reflection is no longer my reality, and those thoughts are absolutely not welcome in our home. My daughter doesn’t see weight. She doesn’t know the size of my pants. She doesn’t know that her mom is different on the outside, and she will never need to.

What she will see —

What Lennyn does see is a mom that smiles back at her reflection. She will only know a mom with self-confidence, and self love. I promise to always be a mom that feeds her body the food it loves. Most importantly she will see a mom that treats her body with the kindness that it deserves.

Be proud of wherever you are in your journey.

My wish for you is that you may always have the ability to hold your head high. Celebrate your victories, and be proud.

Never forget to love yourself first. You never know who is watching, and just how contagious it might be.

I am forever grateful for the little girl who taught her mommy to truly love herself!

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