Keto Holiday Gift Guide

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Low Carb Gift Ideas

Hey there! Welcome to my blog. I understand just how stressful the holidays can be, and even more so I can relate to how overwhelming it is to shop keto products. Let this keto holiday gift guide be a one-stop post for all of you low carb gift buying needs.

As someone who eats a ketogenic diet, this list is compiled of all of my favorite products, tools, and resources. Taking the extra time to make your friends, family, loved ones, coworkers — or keto eating secret Santa buddy is so thoughtful of you. I hope you find everything that you hoped in this gift buying guide.

Another year has flown by, and we are approaching the holiday festivities rapidly. So let’s get right to your low carb gift buying must-haves.

Happy Holidays, and Happy Shopping!

Start shopping the keto holiday gift guide:

Stocking Stuffers

The key to the perfect stocking stuffer is, of course, compact size. Stocking stuffers can also be one of the most exciting gifts to shop for. They’ve always been a really big deal for me. Growing up my parents always had a special way of combining necessities, with luxury items in my stocking.

When I am shopping for stocking stuffers those are the two qualifications that I am looking for items to meet, all while remaining small enough in size to pack a stocking perfectly.

Lono Life

These individual packages of bone broth are a pantry staple and the perfect size stocking stuffer. Not to mention these bone broths are convenient, delicious, and most importantly nutritious. I like to enjoy the broth by itself on a cold day. The packages also make the perfect quick broth whenever a recipe calls for broth or stock. I love all their flavor varieties, but for a gift, I recommend the chicken bone broth.

Keto Chocolate

You can never go wrong with chocolate, and I have some exceptionally delicious keto-friendly options to share with you!

Built Bars

There is no bar like a Built Bar.

Seriously! These bars are decadent enough for dessert, but they pack a huge punch with their amazing nutritional profile. Never have I ever had a protein bar that truly ate like a candy bar, despite many companies promising marketing. Think soft chewy taffy-like center, dipped in a delicious dark chocolate coating.

Built Bar

Built Boost would also be a great stocking stuffer. These daily vitamin packets are outstanding. In one deliciously flavored drink, you get daily vitamins, superfood nutrients, and a powerful dose of vitamin B.

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One on One Flavors

If your shopping for someone who loves to cook, or bake then look no further. One on One Flavors quickly became the most coveted item in my keto kitchen. These flavors come in every flavor that you can imagine with 400 flavors to pick from.

To get an idea of how I use these flavors check out this apple free applesauce recipe.

one on one apple flavors for baking and cooking

I also recommend their savory flavored concentrates. My favorite most used flavor is Garlic! I use garlic in soups, stews, or even these keto-friendly bagels!

the savory flavor collection from one on one flavors

Save 25 percent of your first purchase using the code Brilliantly-25 at checkout. Every little bit helps this time of year.

Redmond Real Salt

Everything is significantly better with real salt! Not only can you taste the difference, you can feel the difference when eating a ketogenic diet.

Redmond also sells the most amazing all-natural toothpaste, bentonite clay skincare products, spa-like bath salts, awesome keto apparel, and so much more. What I love most about their products, is that I know that I can always trust Redmond to make the most natural, chemical-free, filler-free quality products.

Kitchen Essentials

Coffee Frother

This Zulay high power milk frother makes the best foam from a simple compact handheld device. Whip heavy cream for a perfect keto latte, or use this frother to whip up the perfect bulletproof coffee.

Consider Barnyard Coffee Roasters to accompany this frother. Their coffee is always shipped fresh and roasted in small batches. I had never had coffee this fresh until I ordered their coffee. The biggest difference for me was the noticeable difference in flavor, and there is absolutely zero bitterness.

Cast Iron Pans

Cast Iron makes a wonderful addition to any kitchen, but I seem to use them more than ever since starting keto. I have four different size cast iron pans, and I use at least one of them daily. These pans make great Christmas gifts and are the perfect item to put on your own wish list.

I have included the 4 sizes that I personally own below. The first choice is a 12″ Lodge Cast Iron and it includes a potholder. The 17″ is next, and although it may be hard to find the kitchen storage for a cast iron this large, it is my favorite size. We bake a pound and a half of bacon in this pan with no problem, and that makes meal prep a breeze. Consider picking up the 6.5″ skillet for baking my favorite keto-friendly no corn cornbread, or for frying a couple of eggs for breakfast. Last but certainly not least is the 15″ lodge cast iron pan, it is slightly easier to manage than the 17″ pan but also has a large cooking capacity.

Useful Kitchen Tools

Having the right kitchen tools makes preparing keto-friendly meals and substitutions that much easier.

This doughnut pan makes keto bagels rise, and of course, makes keto-friendly doughnut baking a breeze.

The best knife set that I have ever owned. This knife set is uniquely designed with the double knife block, to make the steak knives easy to take to the dinner table. I also love the style of the handle design and black knives. The best part is how budget-friendly this 14 piece knife set is. Months after purchasing I am still very pleased with my purchase.

These 21×1 ounce freezer trays are designed for baby food, but they make freezing any liquid or pureed food a breeze. I like to use these trays for freezing bone broth in easy to use pre-measured one-ounce cubes. Or, use the freezer tray to freeze a batch of keto-friendly applesauce.

Keto-friendly fat bombs are so much easier to make with this awesome silicone candy mold.

The Ultimate Burger Press is such a fun tool to add to homemade burger making. Don’t stop with burgers though, this is what I used to make my keto-friendly individual meatloaves. Burgers and keto go hand in hand like nut butter and sugar-free jelly.

Last but certainly not least is this set of silicone baking mats.

Spendy but worth it:

These kitchen appliances below are an investment and could be the perfect gift for a family member. These items are also not keto-specific, but they would be used often by any at-home chef.

Check out these kitchen aid mixer attachments too! Talk about making keto cooking easier, these attachments are perfect for anyone who already has a stand mixer.

Keto Gift Box

Have you ever heard of Keto Krate?

Keto Krate is a monthly subscription box, and they even have a one-time gift box option. In my opinion, this is one of the most perfect gifts for anyone in your life who eats a keto or low carb diet. Keto Krate does an exceptional job of putting together these boxes. They pack a tremendous value into each box, and every month they send out some of the best keto products on the market. Looking for variety in your gift buying? Let this box take all the guesswork out of shopping keto.

  • Each box is packed with sweet and savory treats to suit every pallet.
  • Coupons for keto products included
  • Individual Products are available in the member-only storefront.
  • Free Shipping

Click any of the links above and receive an extra discount for this Christmas. Keto Krate is offering a 35% discount for first-time subscribers, and they’re throwing in 3 extra cookies for the remainder of the month.

Kawaii Treats and Eats

Whether you are looking for a gift for a seasoned low carb baker or someone with little to no baking experience. The mixes from Kawaii Treats and Eats are most definitely the best keto-friendly packaged mixes on the market. Below are a few of my creations utilizing Kawaii mixes.

Fudge Brownie Mix

Who doesn’t love a fudge brownie with a few sugar-free chocolate chips? This is a mix I reach for whenever we have family in town because the pan of brownies disappear quickly. This satisfies the sweet tooth of carb eaters, and low carb sugar-free taste buds alike.

Just Like Buttermilk Pancake Mix

The best keto-friendly stack of pancakes is made using Just like Buttermilk Pancake Mix. The pancakes require very few ingredients, and they hold up so well when cooked. Most of all I love how fluffy these pancakes are, and the flavor is reminiscent of the best Buttermilk Pancake.

Chewy Blondie Mix

I still don’t know how Kawaii Treats and Eats mastered this chewy keto blondie mix. These birthday cake blondies were too die for, and I can not wait to try an entirely different flavor profile on my next batch.

Corn Free Sweet “Cornbread”

This is the season for Kawaii Treats and Eats No Corn Cornbread mix. Check out the crumb in this photo, this mix is a must!

Savory Seed Microwave Cracker

Our families keto cracker of choice, and the only cracker that I recommend using for my Cranberry Salsa Recipe.

the perfect keto friendly cranberry dip for the holidays
Nacho Taco Microwave Cracker

The nacho taco microwave cracker made the perfect tostada shell for some taco meat. This was such a fun spin on my favorite microwave cracker.

Keto snacks

All things keto snacks big and small. This list includes the best low carb pantry staples and all of my keto must-have items.

StokaBar and StokaBar Cereal

Simply put these are the closest substitute for granola. The bars are delicious and perfect for a grab and go option. I also enjoy the bar crumbled up on top of some keto-friendly yogurt. The StokaBar Cereal is a must-have for any granola lover. Not only are their products delicious, their ingredients get two thumbs up from me.

Keto Krisp

Keto Krisp is the keto version of a rice crispy treat. The chocolate mint flavor tastes like a thin mint, the chocolate raspberry is a perfect balance of both flavors, and the almond butter is mild and delicious. They even have this 6 bar variety pack, which is perfect for gift giving.

Moon Cheese

Moon cheese is the perfect crunchy snack and all of their flavor options are delicious. No need to miss traditional potato chips when you can have these.

Keto Cookies

This list includes the only pre-packaged keto-friendly cookies that I would recommend for a gift. Most low carb eaters will be familiar with any of these brands. High Key cookies are by far the most popular. The only flavor that I can recommend from Nui is the snickerdoodle, we found the chocolate chip Nui cookie to be underwhelming. Fat Snax is absolutely delicious, and Cake Walk by The Cookie Department is the perfect fun flavor cookie choice.

Legendary Foods Nut butter

I absolutely love these nut butters. Of all the fun flavors my favorites are:

These nut butters also come in conveniently pre-packaged 1-ounce pouches. The individually packaged nut butters are sold in a pack of 10. Know someone who is on the go often? Grab them theses, and they can always have a keto-friendly snack ready to go.

My Favorite Keto Cookbook

Last but certainly not least is my favorite cookbook. Maria Emmerich is well known and respected throughout the keto community. She has produced many amazing keto cookbooks, of all of them Keto Restaurant Favorites is the one the beat. I received this as a gift myself and it will always be the most reached for recipe book in my kitchen.

As someone who develops low carb recipes, I have high expectations from a cookbook. The recipes in Keto Restaurant Favorites are easy to make, and Maria really developed the best recipes for many different types of cuisine. Two of our favorite meals from this cookbook are the protein noodle lasagna and the deconstructed potsticker.

Want to make a homemade keto cookie?

Look at these beautiful egg nog cookies!

keto friendly eggnog cookies

Thank you so much for checking out my holiday gift guide for the ketogenic dieter. I hope you found this to be a helpful tool, and that this blog post made gift buying less stressful.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my full disclosure.

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