Keto at Costco

Keto at Costco

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Costco Keto List

When it comes to shopping keto at Costco, this blog post is your resource. Looking for a shopping list? Check out my list of all our favorite keto foods at Costco. Create a Costco grocery list with ease, and even add a few meals to your meal plan!

Just a reminder about this keto at Costco List:

Just be aware that all Costco’s carry the same keto friendly foods. You may not be able to find every single item on my list in your store. However, I hope that you will be able to find a similar product at your local store.

Why do I recommend shopping for Keto foods at Costco?

Costco has provided our family tremendous cost savings for a Keto Grocery haul, and I hope you will find this list helpful.

A great example of cost savings is Almond Flour at Costco. Most smaller grocery stores sell a pound of Almond flour for $13. Costco’s price on Almond Flour has been under $12 for 3 pounds.

Olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut are pantry staples and always the best price at Costco. We love making homemade mayo with Costco’s avocado oil.

Cream cheese is also a great deal in comparison to grocery store pricing, but the best deal that I have found is by far Aldi’s price on cream cheese.

Produce is not always the best price at Costco, so just be aware when you are grabbing your fruits and veggies.

I have included pricing and the item volume below. This should allow you to also compare Costco’s pricing to your local grocery store.

This list is a one-stop shop of the keto friendly food items that you may be able to find at your local Costco:

It seems as though most people are afraid to shop in “bulk” at Costco. Yes, some items come in an unusable quantity for a normal size family or individual. However, a lot of items at Costco are comparable to the same size that you already purchase at your local grocer. For example, my local Costco only sells heavy cream and half and half by the quart. This is a manageable amount for anyone to use if you use these items regularly.

The fresh chicken breast comes with two breasts per package. It is so easy to pop these packages in the freezer and pull them out for dinner. Each package feeds our family of three, and sometimes we even have leftovers.

Recipes using Costco Keto Foods:

Have you seen the keto Costco cheese wraps?

Store bought cheese wraps are a wonderful but expensive keto food, even at Costco’s low price!

Don’t pay $1-$2 dollars a wrap anymore. Make sure to pick up some shredded mozzarella, parmesan, or a two pound brick of cheddar and shred the cheese yourself on your Costco run.

Start making your own keto cheese wraps instead for $.16 or less.

keto cheese wrap recipe

Did you pick up a Costco Roast?

I absolutely love to buy my roasts at Costco, and we usually pick up Round Roast because it is a great deal. My absolute favorite recipe for a roast is Dutch Oven Mississippi Roast.

The easiest dutch oven Mississippi roast
The easiest keto lunch, courtesy of Costco.

We almost always buy our lunch meats from Costco. I especially stock up if they have a special promo sale on top of their already low prices. We love lunch meat at our house. Some days it is the only protein that I can get my toddler to eat.

My most favorite way to use the lunch meat is by making Low Carb Lunch Meat Roll-Ups.

keto lunch meat roll ups are the best easy lunch on the go

Powdered Parmesean makes the most beautiful keto crust!

Breaded chicken is one of the most sought after foods for the keto dieter. Parmesan Crusted Chicken is our family’s favorite way to enjoy chicken. Make sure to grab some parmesan cheese at Costco, they for sure have the best price!

keto air fryer parmesean crusted chicken

Pick up a pack of Costco’s pre-cooked bacon.

My husband makes the most delicious bacon wrapped jalepeno poppers. His secret ingredient is the pre cooked bacon from Costco.

the best crispy keto friendly oven baked jalapeno poppers

Looking for a comforting soup?

Grab a bag of fresh or frozen cauliflower at Costco, and make a pot of Loaded Low Carb Cauliflower Soup.

the best loaded keto friendly cauliflower soup

Don’t miss cranberries when they are in season at Costco!

Cranberries are one of my favorite fruits to cook with, and they are a great keto friendly option. I strongly recommend that you try both of these recipes. They will make you fall in love with cranberries, and their versatility on a ketogenic diet.

Keto Cranberry Salsa
festive keto cranberry salsa
Keto Cranberry Bliss Bars
keto cranberry bliss bar
Frequently asked Costco Keto Questions:

What is keto at Costco?

How to shop keto at costco?

Stick to staples: Costco has great deals on eggs, cheese, dairy, almond milk, lunch meats, cottage cheese, coffee, and so much more. You can always trust that Costco carries quality items, meaning you can shop with confidence. Even Costco’s protein bars are low carb friendly, and they are delicious.

Which keto items at Costco are a must to buy?

Costco has recently started carrying grain free granola, and bars with very low net carbs. Snag some keto friendly trail mix, Crepini egg white wraps, and egg bites like you would find at Starbucks.

Keto Costco vs. Sams Club?

Costco makes a much stronger attempt to carry quality ingredients, and they have been working hard to support the ketogenic diet community. The proof is in how many options Costco has to offer to the keto shopper.