Keto For Beginners

Keto For Beginners

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Getting Started- Keto for Beginners:

The purpose of this blog post focusing on keto for beginners is to shed some light on some simple keto essentials. Beginning this keto lifestyle may seem scary, but I hope that after reading this you feel confident and ready.

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Starting is the hardest part. So many people have told me how overwhelmed they feel when they consider adopting a ketogenic lifestyle. When you feel confident and ready, keep things SIMPLE at first. Yes, there are a lot of “keto” friendly snacks and substitutions, but avoid them if you can. At least for the first few weeks. Get used to eating simple meals, that make you feel good. Track your macros to get the hang of what foods fit easily into your diet, and to be more aware of what foods may not.

Now that you’re ready…

At this point, I am going to assume that you’ve heard of the keto flu, and you want to avoid it at all costs. The most important component of a keto lifestyle and avoiding the keto flu is electrolytes. My goal with this blog post is to make starting keto a lot less overwhelming, and my hope is that you will take the plunge and join me in this amazing lifestyle change. I highly suggest that you look into supplementing with electrolytes, and:

The easiest ways to get your electrolytes in:

  • Take an electrolyte supplement.
  • Drink salt in your water. Redmond Real Salt is my personal favorite!
  • Add enough salt to your food.
  • Also, consider drinking bone broth.
  • Celery is also a great source of electrolytes. We love to eat it with cream cheese — the nutrients and simple fat make this combo is a perfect keto food.

More on the keto flu here:

I highly suggest this article from Perfect Keto. It has some great basic information on the keto flu, and it provides great information on the importance of electrolytes in your diet. I could not have shared this info better myself.

My favorite electrolyte Supplement is Key Nutrients, and we always keep at least one of their flavors on hand.

Now we must discuss results-

Are you curious why I want to discuss results here?

It is safe to say that if you’re looking into making this lifestyle change, that you are looking for some kind of result. Are you looking to lose weight? Improve your mental health? Reverse type 2 diabetes? Whatever your goal is with a ketogenic diet — start by carving out your plan.

I was not ready to calculate macros initially in my journey, and I was honest with myself about that. My goals have changed, and with each goal, I have formulated a new plan. Over 18 months into my journey I now see the value of calculating macros. I finally got on board with macros when I wanted to bust through a stubborn plateau. I was shocked how quickly my body responded to my macro regime, and have been hooked from that point on. My point is — create a plan but be willing to adjust along the way.

If I have figured anything out, it is: that whatever your specific goals are, having a solid plan will always help you get there!

Is weight loss your goal?

I can not stress the importance of setting realistic goals for your journey. Weight loss on a ketogenic diet is not always linear, but what I can promise you is that if you stick to it you will get where you want to go. Please take the time to read yet another amazing post written by Perfect Keto: Keto Diet Results: How Quickly Will I Lose Weight on Keto?

Keto For Beginners- Food Planning

Next, let’s come up with a game plan together.  Are you a menu planner or a meal planner? Do you like leftovers? Whichever camp you belong to, recognizing your preference because sticking to it will help you tremendously in the long run. Me personally I am a menu planner, and we love leftovers. I typically make dinners 5 nights a week, and I always plan on leftovers for two work nights and lunches.

When it comes to cooking keto:

  • Come up with a list of foods that you love first.
  • Next, find a keto compliant version.  I feel very strongly about this tip. Giving yourself permission to eat food you love is far more fun then restrictive eating.
  • Keep the recipes easy at first. There is plenty of time to get to the more labor-intensive ones.

Take each day as it comes, and give yourself grace as you learn how to incorporate keto as a lifestyle.

If you would like more information on starting keto after reading keto for beginners, please check out these tips and tricks for starting keto.

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