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keto cranberry bliss bar

Due to the extreme popularity, and my own personal love for them I knew I had to come up with a keto cranberry bliss bar. If you are not a Starbucks fan or have never tried the bliss bar I will do my very best to explain it’s amazing qualities. The cranberry bliss bar has a subtle flavored chewy blondie cake-like base, and then it is topped with a white chocolate cream cheese frosting.

cranberry salsa ready to enjoy with crackers

Keto-Friendly Cranberry Salsa is a Low Carb — Sugar-Free Festive Dish Cranberries are officially in season and available in grocery stores nationwide.  Fresh cranberries mark the beginning of my favorite…

cape cod cranberries used to make cranberry cream cheese lunch meat roll ups

Lunchmeat roll-ups are a staple for our family — they are the PERFECT on to go healthy option. Cranberry cream cheese lunchmeat roll-ups are the perfect way to make an ordinary recipe EXTRAORDINARY.

Keto Friendly Applesauce

Keto Applesauce Recipe Sugar-Free Low Carb and Apple Free Imagine the scent of cinnamon sticks and citrus filling your home.  Doesn’t that sound like Fall to you? I know for…

keto friendly caramel sauce drizzle

How to make an easy keto caramel sauce This recipe for sugar-free keto-friendly caramel sauce is as easy as it gets and only requires a few ingredients. In under 30…

slicing keto friendly breakfast danish

Keto Apple Danish Sugar-Free Apple-Free Breakfast Delight For this low carb “apple” danish we are going to transform the stereotypical fathead dough. We pay homage to this very popular dough…

keto jicama apple pie filling

Keto Apple Pie Filling with Jicama Jicama makes the perfect replacement for a low carb apple pie filling. Chayote squash is also a great choice for replacing the apples in…

the best loaded keto friendly cauliflower soup

Otherwise known as keto-friendly no tater loaded cauliflower soup- Throw the potatoes out, and make this low carb cauliflower soup instead. This recipe is comforting and super simple to prepare….

baked and ready to serve keto chicken pot pie

Keto-Friendly Chicken Pot Pie With a delicious and buttery keto crust Chicken Pot Pie Gone Keto is a delicious recipe, and an added bonus is the dough is not cheese-based….

roasted spaghetti squash topped with the savory cranberry sauce basil bacon and pine nuts

When you think about cranberries — do you think sweet? Or maybe you think about the holidays. I am here to tell you that cranberries can be so much more than a sweet side dish, cranberries can be the star of a savory main entree. This keto-friendly, low carb, and sugar free dinner is a new family favorite and one that we will enjoy year-round. Roasted spaghetti squash is the perfect way to serve this savory cranberry sauce.

bite taken out of the keto cranberry chocolate zucchini muffins to show texture

Cranberries and chocolate pair beautifully in this keto muffin, that doubles as a dessert. The tartness of the cranberries accents the smooth decadence of the cocoa. And, very minimal flour is used to make these Keto-friendly Cranberry Chocolate Zucchini Muffins.