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the best crispy keto friendly oven baked jalapeno poppers

The Best Crispy Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers- A Naturally Keto-Friendly Side My hubby gets all the credit for this crowd-pleasing recipe. This is exactly why I decided to name this…

keto friendly chocolate covered strawberry crepe cake with chocolate ganache light whipped cream filling

Keto Chocolate Covered Strawberry Crepe Cake Perfect for any occasion- This gluten-free, sugar-free, low carb/keto cake is perfect for any occasion. The flavor possibilities are endless as well. The best…

the best loaded keto friendly cauliflower soup

Otherwise known as keto-friendly no tater loaded cauliflower soup- Throw the potatoes out, and make this low carb cauliflower soup instead. This recipe is comforting and super simple to prepare….

keto friendly fathead dough maple bacon cinnamon rolls with frosting

Keto Fathead Dough Maple Bacon Cinnamon Rolls These keto-friendly maple bacon cinnamon rolls are a fun spin on the standard — keto/ low carb fathead dough cinnamon roll recipe. If…

keto lunch meat roll ups are the best easy lunch on the go

Keto lunch meat rolls are by far the most popular recipe on my site. This recipe is versatile, super simple, and so satiating. Deli meat is the perfect ingredient to always have on hand, and it is also obviously keto diet friendly.

heart shapes keto chocolate caramel candy

Keto Heart Shaped Chocolate Caramel Candies Sugar-Free – Keto Friendly – Low Carb Candy Recipe To preface this recipe for keto chocolate caramel candy we first have to look at…

keto candy macadamia nut salted caramel

Macadamia Nut Salted Caramel Candies Sugar-Free – Keto Friendly – Low Carb Candy Recipe This keto macadamia nut salted caramel recipe is the perfect balance of sweet and salty. One…

freshly baked keto bagels

Keto bagel recipe using almond flour: This simple keto bagel recipe is a staple in our home. Nothing compares to a freshly baked keto bagel and cream cheese, or a…

oven baked perfectly crispy keto pepperoni chips

Crispy Oven Baked Pepperoni Chips The low carb chips of your dream: Crispy pepperoni chips are a fantastic addition to your low carb/ keto lifestyle. Once cool these chips are…

keto friendly overnight french toast casserole with a pecan praline topping

The best keto-friendly overnight french toast casserole – Using Cloud Bread Loaves Keto Overnight French Toast Casserole is a Christmas eve tradition for our family. However, we love this recipe…

baked and ready to serve keto chicken pot pie

Keto-Friendly Chicken Pot Pie With a delicious and buttery keto crust Chicken Pot Pie Gone Keto is a delicious recipe, and an added bonus is the dough is not cheese-based….

roasted spaghetti squash topped with the savory cranberry sauce basil bacon and pine nuts

When you think about cranberries — do you think sweet? Or maybe you think about the holidays. I am here to tell you that cranberries can be so much more than a sweet side dish, cranberries can be the star of a savory main entree. This keto-friendly, low carb, and sugar free dinner is a new family favorite and one that we will enjoy year-round. Roasted spaghetti squash is the perfect way to serve this savory cranberry sauce.

bite taken out of the keto cranberry chocolate zucchini muffins to show texture

Cranberries and chocolate pair beautifully in this keto muffin, that doubles as a dessert. The tartness of the cranberries accents the smooth decadence of the cocoa. And, very minimal flour is used to make these Keto-friendly Cranberry Chocolate Zucchini Muffins.