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tomatillo taco sauce flourless beef tamale pot pie

Flourless beef tamale pot pie is an extra meaty keto-friendly dinner, that is sure to satisfy the entire family. Most of the ingredients in this recipe are pantry staples that are great to keep around. To avoid using any flour the tamale crust was made with canned chicken and homemade ground pork crumbs. Green chilis and a tomatillo taco sauce pack this meal with the perfect flavor profile that will satisfy any craving for delicious Mexican food.

korean bbq veggie stir fry

From this recipe I want you to expect a sweet heat. Secondly, be prepared to be impressed with the versatility of kohlrabi. Thirdly you will notice how wonderfully hearts of palm noodles complete a stir fry dish like this. Moreover, the plan is to satisfy any size appetite.

slow cooker teriyaki chicken and kabocha

As far as easy recipes go — I can confidently tell you that it would be difficult to discover an easier more delicious recipe than this. Firstly what makes this low carb dinner unique is how few ingredients we use. Secondly, the kabocha squash adds a hearty stew-like quality making this teriyaki chicken different from the classic preperation. Thirdly make-ahead dinners like this are perfect to utilize on a busy day where you might be pressed for time. In conclusion, Slow Cooker Teriyaki Chicken is a subtly sweet keto friendly dinner that is sure to satisfy, and preparation/cleanup are a breeze.

keto curry style shrimp and grits

For this recipe, we are taking a southern classic and making it Thai style. Keto Curry Style Shrimp and Grits is a simple dinner, with a big Thai Coconut flavor. We only use a simple curry marinade for the shrimp and cook it on a grill pan. You must be wondering what makes this recipe so unique. And the best part is we use a premade Thai Coconut Sauce to make this dinner easy enough for even the busiest nights. But that’s not all this delicious dinner is impressive enough to entertain any dinner guest, and you never have to divulge just how easy it was to make.

cranberry salsa ready to enjoy with crackers

Keto-Friendly Cranberry Salsa is a Low Carb — Sugar-Free Festive Dish Cranberries are officially in season and available in grocery stores nationwide.  Fresh cranberries mark the beginning of my favorite…

The easiest dutch oven Mississippi roast

Why make Mississippi pot roast in a dutch oven when you can make it in a slow cooker, or Instant pot? Something magical happens when you cook meat all day in a dutch oven. Flavors intensify, and the cooking liquids reduce perfectly and you are left with a delicious meaty gravy. No extra ingredients necessary to make the gravy, you just have to let the dutch oven do all the work.

keto cheesy spinach pastry appetizer with ham

The perfect appetizer is easy to eat & bite-size. Cocktail foods also must pair well with other dishes. Simple but flavorful is essential. Individual appetizers are also the perfect opportunity to create beautiful presentations. This recipe for Ham Cheese and Spinach bites is all of the above. To top it off this recipe is keto-friendly and very low in carbs with only one net carb a piece.

keto jicama apple pie filling

Keto Apple Pie Filling with Jicama Jicama makes the perfect replacement for a low carb apple pie filling. Chayote squash is also a great choice for replacing the apples in…

easy individual keto friendly mini meatloaf with a quick cauliflower risotto

Keto Individual Mini Meatloaf I believe that I have officially unlocked the secret to a low carb keto meatloaf recipe that actually stays together – – and one that stays…

keto air fryer parmesean crusted chicken

If you have missed fried chicken since transitioning to a ketogenic lifestyle, then this recipe is for you. Parmesan Crusted Chicken is crispy, salty, delicious, and–most importantly–easy!

keto creamy "potato" poblano chowder

This keto ham soup was inspired by the Clifty Farms country ham seasoning pieces. I love to make a hearty soup that satisfies. I also really like a soup packed full of flavor. This recipe for creamy ham poblano chowder is my spin on a traditional ham and potato soup.

the best crispy keto friendly oven baked jalapeno poppers

The Best Crispy Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers- A Naturally Keto-Friendly Side My hubby gets all the credit for this crowd-pleasing recipe. This is exactly why I decided to name this…

the best loaded keto friendly cauliflower soup

Otherwise known as keto-friendly no tater loaded cauliflower soup- Throw the potatoes out, and make this low carb cauliflower soup instead. This recipe is comforting and super simple to prepare….

oven baked perfectly crispy keto pepperoni chips

Crispy Oven Baked Pepperoni Chips The low carb chips of your dream: Crispy pepperoni chips are a fantastic addition to your low carb/ keto lifestyle. Once cool these chips are…

baked and ready to serve keto chicken pot pie

Keto-Friendly Chicken Pot Pie With a delicious and buttery keto crust Chicken Pot Pie Gone Keto is a delicious recipe, and an added bonus is the dough is not cheese-based….

roasted spaghetti squash topped with the savory cranberry sauce basil bacon and pine nuts

When you think about cranberries — do you think sweet? Or maybe you think about the holidays. I am here to tell you that cranberries can be so much more than a sweet side dish, cranberries can be the star of a savory main entree. This keto-friendly, low carb, and sugar free dinner is a new family favorite and one that we will enjoy year-round. Roasted spaghetti squash is the perfect way to serve this savory cranberry sauce.